Giract's European Flavor Research Promotional Programme 8th Edition -2017-18

Sponsor: Giract, consortium of flavor companies

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Field(s) of Study

Technology, Science, Applied Science, Chemistry, Culinary Arts...

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The programme aims to raise the profile of flavor science research in Europe by encouraging students of differing scientific disciplines to engage in innovating flavor-related research PhD projects and thus to advance the exciting and challenging field of flavor science. PhD Student can be from any scientific background but one aim of the bursaries is to attract people who have not studied Food Chemistry, Food Science or Food Technology to study food flavors. The programme is supported by the consortium of companies for its 8th year comprising, Biorigin, DSM, Givaudan, IFF, Kerry, Lesaffre, MCLS Europe, Nestlé. The applicant must be enrolled in a relevant European university/ institute for his/her PhD study. Deadline extended to November 15

Other Criteria

Any flavor related project that has led to the submission of a PhD in 2017 can be considered. The applicant should not be already sponsored by, and/or bound to, a commercial organization. The thesis should clearly explain the starting hypotheses or the goals and aims of the work. Clarity of expression and effective communication of results is a key aspect in assessing the thesis. Appropriate data analysis should be evident. Clear abstracts and summaries are expected. Clear Figures and Tables are expected.

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Number of Awards1
Nationality RequiredKosovo, South Sudanese, , , Zimbabwean, Zambian, , Serbian, Yemeni, , , Sahrawian, , Wallis and Futuna Islander, , , , Virgin Islander, Vietnamese, Venezuelan, Ni-Vanuatu, Uzbekistani, Uruguayan, , American, British, Emirati, Ukrainian, Ugandan, Tuvaluan, , Turkmen, Turkish, Tunisian, , Trinidadian and Tobagonian, Tongan, Tokelauan, Togolese, Thai, Tanzanian, Tajikistani, Taiwanese, Syrian, Swiss, Swedish, Swazi, , Surinamese, Sudanese, Sri Lankan, , Spanish, , South African, Somali, Solomon Islander, Slovenian, Slovakian, Singaporean, Sierra Leonean, Seychellois, , , Senegalese, Saudi Arabian, Sao Tomean, Sammarinese, Samoan, Saint Vincentian, Frenchman, Saint Lucian, Kittitian and Nevisian, Saint Helenian, Rwandan, Russian, Romanian, Reunionese, Qatari, Puerto Rican, Portuguese, Polish, Pitcairn Islander, Philippine, Peruvian, Paraguayan, , Papua New Guinean, Panamanian, , Palauan, Pakistani, Omani, Norwegian, , Norfolk Islander, Niuean, Nigerian, Nigerien, Nicaraguan, New Zealand, New Caledonian, Dutch Antillean, Dutchman, Nepalese, , Nauruan, Namibian, , Mozambican, Moroccan, Montserratian, , Mongolian, Monegasque, Moldovan, , , Micronesian, Mexican, Mahorais, Mauritian, Mauritanian, Martiniquais, Marshallese, Manxman, Maltese, Malian, Maldivian, Malaysian, Malawian, Malagasy, Macedonian, Chinese, Luxembourg, Lithuanian, Liechtenstein, Libyan, Liberian, Basotho, Lebanese, Latvian, Lao, Kyrgyzstani, Kuwaiti, Korean, Korean, I-Kiribati, , Kenyan, Kazakhstani, , Jordanian, , Channel Islander, , Japanese, , Jamaican, Italian, Israeli, Irish, Iraqi, Iranian, Indonesian, Indian, Icelandic, Hungarian, , , Honduran, , , Haitian, Guyanese, Guinean, Guinean, Channel Islander, Guatemalan, Guamanian, Guadeloupe, Grenadian, Greenlandic, Greek, , Gibraltar, Ghanaian, German, Georgian, , Gambian, Gabonese, , French Polynesian, French Guianese, , Frenchman, Finnish, Fijian, Faroese, Falkland Island, , Ethiopian, Estonian, Eritrean, Equatorial Guinean, Salvadoran, Egyptian, Ecuadorian, , Dominican, Dominican, Djiboutian, Danish, Czech, Cypriot, Cuban, Croatian, Ivorian, Costa Rican, , Cook Islander, Congolese, Congolese, Comoran, Colombian, Cocos Islander, , Christmas Island, Chinese, Chilean, Chadian, Central African, Caymanian, Cape Verdean, Canadian, Cameroonian, Cambodian, Burundi, Burmese, Burkinabe, Bulgarian, , British Virgin Islander, , Brazilian, , Motswana, Bosnian and Herzegovinian, Bolivian, Bhutanese, Bermudian, Beninese, Belizean, Belgian, Belarusian, , Barbadian, Bangladeshi, , Bahraini, Bahamian, Azerbaijani, Austrian, Australian, , Aruban, Armenian, Argentine, Antiguan and Barbudan, , Anguillan, Angolan, Andorran, American Samoan, Algerian, Albanian and Afghan
Host CountriesUnited Kingdom, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Hungary, Greece, France, Metropolitan, France, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium and Austria