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November - Issue #20

Welcome to the Financial Aid Newsletter for International and Study Abroad Students brought to you by, and

In our November issue we’re delighted to announce the IEFA YouTube Channel - hop on over there to subscribe!

We also have the latest news on the TVC: Life After Lockdown, a great explainer about international student loans, and guidance on what US schools are recommending for students this Thanksgiving.

Plus a $1,000 scholarship opportunity for journalism students in Canada and our Financial Aid Term Explained this month is: Merit-Based Aid.

The International Financial Aid Team


New: The IEFA YouTube Channel

We’ve got exciting news! IEFA now has a YouTube channel where we will be sharing our very best content in order to help you understand your financial aid options as an international student and maybe even to help you find an international scholarship!

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TVC: Life After Lockdown Finalists

The TVC: Life After Lockdown has moved one step closer to naming the $4,000 Grand Prize Winner with the announcement of the finalists! As in previous years, there have been some amazing entries and impactful stories this year.

Understand Your International Student Loan

You’ve researched the total cost of attendance, done all your calculations and budgeting, you’ve applied for as much financial aid as you can from your school, and you’ve even been awarded a scholarship – but what if you’re still not sure if you can cover all of your costs?

Well, the good news is that an international student loan can help – but don’t just take on a loan without first understanding what you’re getting into. Get the details on international student loans to determine if it’s a good solution for you.

Canadian Journalism Scholarship

Brought to you by Investintech and the Canadian Association of Journalists this scholarship is open to any students who show an interest in data journalism. Eligible students must be majoring in a journalism program, and working towards either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Canada.

Thanksgiving in 2020

Thanksgiving break is just a few weeks away for students in the US. If you’re a returning student you’ll notice that things are very different in 2020. have posted an article looking at the changes US colleges and universities are making this year, and have included some recommendations for international students.

What is “Merit-Based Aid?”

Merit-Based Aid is financial aid that is awarded to a student based on their academic record, a particular skill or ability, or some other criteria related to their field of study. In considering merit-based aid a school (or other sponsor) may consider a student’s previous grades, test scores, talents, or extracurricular activities to determine their eligibility.