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We are surrounded by artificial intelligence. After all, this is the age of big data and machine learning. Granted, our AIs don’t go around on their own; they go around through us – in our pockets, in our cars, in our homes. From the Google search engine, to personal assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant, to our own Facebook feed. We not only tolerate artificial intelligence, but we inadvertently depend on it with our studies, work, personal relationships, and consumer decisions. As AI becomes an increasingly indispensable part of human existence, we will be confronted with a looming issue. That of ethics. Artificial Intelligence promises business, technological, and healthcare improvements, but it also paves the way for advanced warfare and countless socio-economic issues. There is a thin line between useful and harmful, if there is even a line at all. Especially considering that an action need not be harmful to have harmful consequences. It seems to us at 365 Data Science that the pillars of the debate about ethics in AI are made up of four concepts: autonomy, trust, power, and accountability. While the phrase “Artificial Intelligence and Ethics” constitutes interesting dinner conversation, the oral debate has its limitations. Given the weight of the topic, we would like you to consider the benefits of the short essay for this discussion: brief, argumentative, and expressive.

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In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you need to: 1. Submit a 1,000 – 2,000 word essay on the essay topic "Artificial Intelligence & Ethics" (word or pdf document) 2. Fill out the survey (at the bottom of our scholarship page) Please email your essay to along with the following personal details: Full name, Country of residence, University (college), Area of studies. The deadline for submissions is February 28. Essays sent after the submission deadline will not be considered. Scholarship Rules: Please review the rules below before submitting your scholarship application. 1) Any essay submitted to us must be the original work of the participant. 2) Both undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university are welcome. 3) The decisions of the judges are conclusive and irreversible. 4) Essays that fail to meet the specified requirements or are sent after the submission deadline will not be considered. 5) By submitting an essay, the participants grant the right to freely use their essays within an appropriate context. For the full description, visit our scholarship page:

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