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July 15th

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We are asking participants in our essay contest to write about how social networks effect substance abuse among teenagers and students. Any position about this topic may be expressed as long as it is an intelligent and well-crafted account. The writing and argumentation should show sound reasoning using accurate facts and data; furthermore, any first-hand experiences that have to do with alcohol or drug rehab should be related in an honest and insightful manner. The style of the piece must complement and strengthen its central ideas and conclusions.

Other Criteria

- The article should beat least 800 words long and no more than 1000 words total. - Undergraduates and graduate students of all majors are invited to enter the contest by submitting an essay written exclusively for this purpose. - The submitted writing need not adhere to academic conventions or a certain style, yet its rigor and polish must be comparable with the best student writing published within the top educational institutions and their publications. - Citations and bibliography must have a self-consistent format.

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Number of Awards1
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Includes - Only legal US residents are eligible to enter this contest. - One must be at least 18 years old. - Any students enrolled in a US college or university, undergraduates as well as graduate students, with any major, are welcome to participate in this essay contest.
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