Aerospace Russia Partial Scholarships : Graduates & Post Graduate

Sponsor: Akmullah State University (Russia)

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Technology, Sociology, Science, Physics, Medicine...

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We created the Postgraduate Partial Scholarship Program to support undergraduate students from Canada, Africa, USA, Asia and Latin America interested in studying, doing research, or completing an internship in Russia. We hope to help these students reach their academic goals while building important and lasting bonds of friendship between our countries and introducing them to the benefits of the Russian Higher Education System. OUR FRIENDLY WARNING: In order to avoid Misunderstanding this is to inform you that Representation of Russian Aerospace Universities actually do not provide Russian Full Scholarships to foreign Applicants. Russian Partial Scholarships or Low-Costs Programmes which are actually available to apply doesn’t mean 100% Free of Charge Studies (meaning that the student’s Family would pay approximately half of the School Tuition) Akmullah State University and Aerospace Russia Foundation (Representation of Russian Universities: Aerospace Technology) Partial Scholarship Eligibility: 1. Should hold at the minimum, a secondary level education degree with impressive results 2. Must be admitted or seeking admission to a recognized university in an undergraduate or post graduate level 3. Are currently or plan to be a full time student abroad 4. Basic Economic solvency for study and life in abroad 5. Approve Admission Test of General Culture PROGRAM DOES NOT COVER: - Admission Test Fee - Admission Paper Work Fee AGE LIMIT -Overseas Applicants are welcome to apply under no age limits conditions ENTRANCE QUALIFICATIONS & SELECTIONS REQUIREMENTS -The Selection Committee is seeking International Candidates who demonstrate intellectual distinction, local community service, and leadership potential - All applicants are considered individually - General Culture Admission Test must be approved (on distance) -You should be able to provide all Selection Documentary and satisfy established Selection Process requirements - According to Russian immigration regulations, foreign students must return to his country of origin after finishing his studies - Please do not call our office, you will receive an E-Mail or Letter of Acknowledgement approximately two months after the finishing of your Selection Process. - Applicants will receive Notification of Acceptance after Admission Test approval -Please provide your documents in the order and on time -Places are allocated on a first come/first serve base .

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PROGRAMs OBJECTIVE The purpose is to identify and then to form a new international generation of Russia Science, Culture, Commerce and Technology oriented Specialists and to foster an enduring professional connection with the Russian Federation

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More Award Details

Number of Awards30
Host InstitutionRepresentation of Russian Universities: Aerospace Technology (Russia)
Includes-Books and Library -Campus students Dormitory -Medical Insurance PROGRAM FACILITIES -Russian local Sponsors provide financial support to Program and kindly going to cover 86 % of full Study Fee for each Program Vacancy occupied by successful International Applicant ( applied for current Admission only) -The International student must pay by himself only the minor part of that full Study Fee ( around 14% ) -International Students can choose under personal choices from a List of available areas of Studies–Undergraduate & Postgraduate offered -Perfectly equipped classes, laboratories giving you the hands-on experience you need -Staff of high-skilled Teachers and Science top Experts, many of them Ph.D. or Dr.Sc. degrees Holders -All Courses are fully accredited by Russian Ministry of Education -Student campus complex for habitation of Students and Sports facilities -Scientific library -The Medical Center
Nationality RequiredUnrestricted
Host CountriesSouth Sudan, Palestinian Territory, Occupied, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Zaire, Yugoslavia, Yemen, World, Venezuela, Uruguay, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Turkey, Tunisia, Tromelin Island, Trinidad and Tobago, Tonga, Togo, Thailand, Taiwan, Syria, Switzerland, Sweden, Swaziland, Sudan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Somalia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Singapore, Sierra Leone, Serbia and Montenegro, Serbia, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Sao Tome and Principe, San Marino, Rwanda, Russia, Romania, Qatar, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Poland, Philippines, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, Palau, Pakistan, Oman, Norway, Nigeria, Niger, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Netherlands Antilles, Netherlands, Nepal, Navassa Island, Nauru, Namibia, Myanmar, Morocco, Montserrat, Montenegro, Mongolia, Monaco, Micronesia, Federated States of, Mexico, Martinique, Malaysia, Malawi, Madagascar, Macedonia, Luxembourg, Libya, Liberia, Lebanon, Laos, Kuwait, Korea, South, Korea, North, Kiribati, Kenya, Jordan, Japan, Jamaica, Italy, Israel, Ireland, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, India, Iceland, Hungary, Hong Kong (SAR), Honduras, Haiti, Guyana, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Guernsey, Guatemala, Guam, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Greenland, Greece, Gibraltar, Ghana, Germany, Gaza Strip, The Gambia, Gabon, French Polynesia, French Guiana, France, Metropolitan, France, Finland, Fiji, Faroe Islands, Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), Europa Island, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, El Salvador, Egypt, Ecuador, East Timor, Dominican Republic, Dominica, Djibouti, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Cuba, Croatia, Cote d Ivoire, Costa Rica, Coral Sea Islands, Cook Islands, Congo, Republic of the, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Comoros, Colombia, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Clipperton Island, Christmas Island, China, Chile, Chad, Central African Republic, Cape Verde, Canada, Cameroon, Cambodia, Burundi, Burma, Brunei Darussalam, Brazil, Botswana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bolivia, Bhutan, Benin, Belize, Belgium, Bahrain, Austria, Australia, Aruba, Argentina, Algeria and Afghanistan