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April - Issue #25

Welcome to the Financial Aid Newsletter for International and Study Abroad Students brought to you by, and

We’re glad to see a lot of optimism about international education now that the vaccine rollout is gathering speed around the world, but we understand that many students are still hesitant about making commitments. Let’s keep looking forward to promising times ahead.

In this edition of the newsletter we cover loans for students in Canada and share the benefits of studying in Europe as an international student. On the subject of Europe, we have a wonderful opportunity to apply for a scholarship to study an MBA in Sweden.

We also have a video about the best ways to find a scholarship, and our Financial Aid Explained term this month is “Interest” – so read on for more!

The International Financial Aid Team


International Student Loans in Canada

Do you have questions about the best way to finance your education in Canada? If you're an international student studying at one of our eligible schools in Canada, you may feel like there aren’t many financing options available to you. But in fact, there are lenders who work with international students in Canada, and you don’t need a cosigner to apply. Find out if you qualify:

Study in Europe

Have you ever dreamed of studying in Europe as an exchange student? Many students dream of studying abroad - but what is it really like? Read the latest blog on to find out more about this truly amazing study destination. Don't just live in a city – become part of it.

Stockholm School of Economics MBA Scholarship

Stockholm – the cultural, political, and economic centre of Sweden – and home to around 2 million people.

The Stockholm School of Economics has over 100 years of history providing quality education, and now they are offering a Full Scholarship for their award-winning Executive MBA Program.

How Can International Students Get Full Scholarships?

Are you interested in finding a full scholarship to study abroad but not sure where to start?

Check out our video that covers this exact subject to find out more and don’t forget to subscribe to the IEFA Channel!

Financial Aid Explained: Interest

Interest is a fee charged for taking out a loan – this is part of the “cost of borrowing.” Interest is calculated as a percentage of the principal loan amount. The rate may remain constant throughout the life of the loan (fixed rate) or it may change over time (variable rate).