Financial Aid Newsletter

October - Issue #19

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This month we’ve got more great resources to share with you - from a new guide on finding an international scholarship, to help finding a loan when additional funds are needed. We also have useful links to the Travel Video Contest which will be open for voting soon, scholarships at MIT and Harvard, and a useful explanation of one of the most common financial aid terms you’ll hear – cost of attendance.

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The International Financial Aid Team


Your Guide to Finding a Scholarship

Scholarships are always a great source of funding for education since they’re essentially free money. To help you through your scholarship search we’ve created a new resource on explaining just how to go about finding an international scholarship in 2020 and beyond. Searching and applying for scholarships can be time consuming and daunting- we hope our tips help you through!

TVC: Life After Lockdown Deadline

The final submission deadline for the “Life After Lockdown” Travel Video Contest is 13 October 2020. If you missed your chance to enter for the $4,000 grand prize you can still keep an eye on the contest page to see shortlisted entries and vote for your favorite!

International Student Loans

There’s no doubt that this year is very different to previous years. If you’re an international student returning to college in the US, and you’re finding that your budget just doesn’t seem to cover everything anymore, don’t despair - at many schools around the US you can apply for a loan even mid-way through the semester.

Scholarships at Harvard and MIT

Since 1965 Kennedy Scholarships have been awarded to cover full tuition fees plus a stipend to students at Harvard and MIT. The Kennedy Scholarships are open to British students only, however you can find information about other opportunities depending on your nationality at

Spotlight on Insurance

When it comes to considering which international student insurance plan is right for you, it is important to familiarize yourself with the plan’s network of doctors, hospitals or clinics – often referred to as a provider network – so you can understand what options you have, and make sure that you can easily get there if you need to seek medical attention.

ISI recently held a webinar and has a blog post explaining everything you need to know:

What is “Cost of Attendance”?

“Cost of attendance” is one of the most commonly used terms when talking about financial aid – but what is it?

The total cost of attendance includes tuition, fees, and an allocation to cover reasonable living expenses during the course of study. The cost of attendance is calculated by the school using guidelines established by federal regulations. Essentially, this is the official figure for how much it will cost to attend your chosen school.