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September - Issue #18

Welcome to the Financial Aid Newsletter for International and Study Abroad Students brought to you by, and

As we all get ready for the new semester, this month we’ve got a lot to cover: we’ll show you how you can apply for a student loan even after the semester starts, we’ve got a roundup of the latest scholarship news, we share the 2020 Travel Video Contest “Life After Lockdown” and a scholarship from the London School of Economics, plus all the resources you could need to learn about international financial aid.

Let's get to it!

The International Financial Aid Team


International Student Loans are Still Available

We know that everything’s different this academic year, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that studying abroad can be expensive.

If you’re looking over your budget for the next semester, and think you’ll need some additional funding to cover extra costs, don’t worry - you can search and apply for an international student loan even now as the semester starts - you don’t need to worry about a missed deadline.

Scholarships in the News

We don’t need to tell you that despite COVID-19 impacting in-person classes, exams and plans for just about everyone around the world, international education doesn’t stand still for long. We’re excited about the start of the Fall semester 2020.

Here’s our roundup of some of the news that caught our attention in August:

TVC: Life After Lockdown

The 15th annual Travel Video Contest from is now open!

The world has faced a global pandemic this year, making it exceptionally difficult for international students and global exchange participants. So this year's contest has a special theme and a new name - TVC: Life After Lockdown, to reflect the times we’re living in.

The top prize is $4,000 for the best 2-minute video that talks about one or both of the following:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted your international education or cultural exchange experience abroad
  • Your ideal international education or cultural exchange

You can learn about the rules, deadlines and more here:

London School of Economics Scholarship

What is the most important lesson governments can learn from the Covid-19 epidemic? It’s a great question - and if you can answer it, you could be in with a chance to have your article published by the London School of Economics Political Review and win a prize, too.

Fresh Financial Aid Resources

Have you visited the international student loan resources section recently? It’s had a makeover and looks better than ever for fall 2020!

If you need to learn about financial aid, international or study abroad loans, exchange rates, working in the US and more, you might just find what you need right here: