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August - Issue #17

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This month we’re taking a look at one of the most popular destinations for international students: Canada - and discovering how you can apply for a loan to cover your tuition there. We’ll also take a look at some of the differences between studying in Canada and studying in the US.

We have a scholarship for Latinas in the US to share, and whether you want to apply for this or any other scholarship in our database, we havve a YouTube video packed with hints.

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The International Financial Aid Team


International Student Loans in Canada

Canada has always been a popular destination for international students. In fact, Canada’s 642,000 international students now rank it third globally, behind only the US and Australia. Early indications suggest that the popularity of studying in Canada is going to increase compared with other destinations in 2020 due to the way different countries are handling the Coronavirus.

If you're also interested in studying in Canada, international students, including those from the US, can apply for loans in Canada - even without a cosigner.

Our Most Popular YouTube Video in July

Our most watched YouTube video in July was one of our most popular videos ever - it breaks down everything you need to know about how to get an international scholarship. If you haven’t had the chance to...

Comparing the USA and Canada

If you’re looking at your options for future study in North America, we’ve put together our list of top reasons to choose the US or Canada as your international education destination of choice.

Latina Scholarship for the US

One of the scholarships listed on IEFA this July was the Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Latina Scholarship. This opportunity might be for you if you identify as female and come from a qualifying country. There are 10 scholarships of $4,000 available to assist Latinas with additional financial needs in pursuit of higher education.

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