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May - Issue #14

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In this month’s newsletter - tips on safeguarding your emotional wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic, fresh scholarships listed on IEFA to study in Italy, Germany and the US, information about how US students can qualify for a loan to fund their studies abroad, news for international students in the US worried about loan repayment, and a reminder that International Student Loan has some great video resources over on YouTube. We hope you enjoy and stay well.

The International Financial Aid Team


Emotional Wellness During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus has impacted many around the world as social distancing, quarantining and isolation have become the “new normal”. International students are affected as much as anyone, and possibly more as they're not only separated from family, but now classmates, teachers and friends.

International Student Insurance put together this great article to help keep you emotionally healthy:

Scholarships in Germany, Italy and the US

Sooner or later travel restrictions will ease and we’ll be able to explore the world through international education again; there’s no better time than now, during lockdowns around the world, to search and apply for a scholarship to help you do just that.

Just in the last few days we’ve added scholarship opportunities in Germany, Italy and the US to the IEFA database- click to search for your dream scholarship.

Study Abroad Loans for US Students Abroad

If you’re a US citizen studying abroad, then you’re one of the 341,751 American students that study abroad each year - according to the IIE Open Doors Report. As you already know, studying abroad isn’t cheap. After you've tapped out all available scholarships, the comparison tool is a great way to fill the remaining gap! You can find out if you’re eligible for a loan to cover your education costs abroad by answering just a couple of easy questions! Are you eligible?

Lenders Ease Pressure on International Students in the US

With international students all over the US under the same restrictions as the rest of the population, but with potentially higher expenses due to visa restrictions on work, and little recourse to government aid - how are loan companies working to ease the pressure they are under?

We've compiled a list of the most common measures these international student loan lenders are putting in place for those affected.

Confused by Loan Terminology?

Did you know that International Student Loan has a YouTube channel? Well, they do, and there’s a dedicated playlist of videos covering definitions of the most commonly used terms to help you understand and navigate the world of loans.

More videos are added regularly, so don’t forget to subscribe and “ring the bell” to get notified of new content.