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Financial Aid Newsletter

April - Issue #1

One of the biggest worries for students who wish to study outside their home country is financing - not only tuition, but also books, travel, accommodation… the list goes on; because of this we are thrilled to have started this monthly financial aid newsletter.

Whether you’re already studying outside your home country or trying to find the finances to do so, we hope our financial aid sites will help you find the resources you need in your search for international scholarships, loans and information.

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Find an International Student Loan in Seconds

Did you know we have created a loan comparison tool just for international students like you? Not every lender works with international students, and lenders only work with specific colleges and universities. Our loan comparison lets you find lenders that have loans available to you based on where you’re from, where you’re planning to study, and if you have a cosigner (don’t worry, it’s not needed in all cases!). Use our loan comparison tool and see if an international student loan is available to you.

Need a Scholarship? Search for One!

When searching for scholarships it can often be difficult to find one that you’re eligible for as an international student. Our scholarship search only includes scholarships that international students can apply for! Not only does this cut down on your search time, but it also means you have a smaller pool of students to compete with to win the award! You can either search for the award by name or you can search based upon:

  • Where you are studying
  • What you are studying
  • Where you are from

Your search results will populate all of the scholarships that you may be eligible to apply for! Start searching before the new semester is here.

What is a Featured Award?

Our scholarship database has more than 1500 awards for you to search through, and although our search tool makes it easy for you to filter based upon specific criteria like what you’re studying, it can still be daunting to try and tackle applying to each one. A good place to start your search is with our Featured Awards. Our Featured Awards are updated frequently and come at our recommendation to apply for- as long as you’re eligible to do so. If you’re trying to find a good launching point in your financial aid hunt make sure you start with our Featured Awards!

Know the Facts on What International Student Loans Cover

Our student loan comparison tool can help you find a lender and make the process of getting a loan simple. However, it’s still key to do research on what international student loans entail and what they can (or can’t) cover. In most cases international student loans will cover items like:

  • Tuition
  • Mandatory Fees
  • Room & Board
  • Books & Supplies
  • Transportation
  • Health Insurance

Get more details on what expenses you can expect a loan to cover and if it’s a good financial option for you to explore.
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