FEUP - MIT Portugal: PhD In Transportation Systems

Sponsor: NORTE2020

Submission Deadline

May 15th

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17,000 euros per year (PD-F scholarships)


The PhD program in Transportation Systems (TR SYS) is designed to prepare students for transportation-related careers in academia, including teaching and advanced research, as well as professional practice careers in both public and private sectors. Upon completion of the program, students will be intellectual leaders within their chosen fields and organizations. Established in 2007, the PhD program in TR SYS has already gained worldwide recognition, attracting highly qualified candidates from around the globe. The transportation systems PhD program is offered in association by the University of Lisbon (IST), the University of Porto (FEUP), and the University of Coimbra (FCTUC), with MIT collaborating in the program’s research component. Each school offers its own disciplines, but there is mutual recognition of the credits obtained in any of them. During the course, students may spend 6-12 months at MIT. Students from a wide variety of backgrounds including engineering, urban planning, computer science, economics, and other social sciences are encouraged to apply. The goal of the program is to prepare students to become leading actors in the transportation world by providing excellence and innovation in teaching and research through: Providing a solid scientific education covering both methodological approaches and institutional factors required to understand the transportation enterprise as an intermodal integrated system; Conducting cutting-edge research for the development of a world-class transportation system for passengers and freight for Portugal that can serve as a model for the rest of Europe though multi-disciplinary research collaborations between Portugal and MIT; and Working with industrial, government, and laboratory collaborators to provide added value to the program through research collaboration and teaching involvement. For more information, please check the pages below. FEUP IS OFFERING 2 ADDITIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS UNDER NORTE2020 (H2020 EU FUNDING)

Other Criteria

Applicants to the PhD program are evaluated in several different ways. Critical portions of the online application include trans (grades from prior study), previous experience (professional, research, and academic), letters of recommendation (references), motivation letter (statement of purpose), and the GRE. PECIFIC ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA UNDER THE NORTE 2020 SCHOLARSHIPS IS AVAILABLE AT THE ANNOUNCEMENT ON http://www.mitportugal.org/application/applying.html *THE FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR THE NORTE2020 SCHOLARSHIPS WAS SUBMITTED TO ESF – EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND, UNDER PROGRAMA OPERACIONAL REGIONAL DO NORTE - NORTE2020 AND GOT MERIT IN THE EVALUATION. THE SUBMISSION IS NOW UNDER ADMINISTRATIVE ANALYSIS. THE CONTRACTING PROCESS OF THE GRANTS IS SUBJECTED TO THE SIGNING OF THE INSTITUTIONAL CONTRACT WITH THE FUNDING ENTITY. **DEADLINE IS EXTENDED FOR FEUP APPLICANTS ONLY.

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Number of Awards2
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